For all the prayers, one can hear the traditional blast of the

One was hurt.The last comment is one of teh most important in the story.I am very happy that no law abiding neighbor was violently tackled or mauled by a German Shepard while carrying a wrench to his done by the RCMP and Langley School How would you know this? If there is a bad guy with a gun, then he is still out there.The school conducted an old fashioned practice no longer used where these issues happen the most. Honest police departments have admitted that old fashioned school lockdowns were for police safety and convenience and not for the kids getting shot cowering under desks when a shooter is locked in a crime scene.It is nice that the very essence of my at 10:38am has been deleted and reworded the the NW980 staff.Perhaps you did not read the first sentence of this post Replica Celine, and the very positive thought it contained regarding the both the RCMP and the Langley School District. But then again your chest beating comments are just those of a low comprehension individual.There are not many tractors by the way in the neighborhood where event is purported to have taken place.

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