“Whatever it may be, so that when they leave us they are

(CBC)Abd El Hamid said that when people come to a new country there can be major hurdles, such as language and having education credentials transferred over. She also added that people often leave extremely dangerous situations and are still dealing with trauma.”It is something so close to both of our hearts, having come from countries that underwent revolution,” she said.”We understand what it’s like to give up your land and your culture and your home and start somewhere fresh Replica Hermes Birkin, and it’s really important for us to give refugees a shot.”The restaurant’s menu is a fusion of Egyptian, Syrian and Palestinian cuisine so Abd El Hamid said “no one else would make the food as well as people from back home.”Starting over: One Syrian refugee family’s story, in their own wordsSyrian refugee families express gratitude at Winnipeg community partyBeyond the shawarma and falafels Replica Hermes Birkin, the small staff also provide each other a lot of support.”We all work together and we empower one another, whether it’s through ensuring that their English is getting better or ensuring that they are getting essential life skills,” she said. “Whatever it may be, so that when they leave us they are confident in what they do afterwards.”.

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